Convert Read-Only PDF Bank Statements into Importable Spreadsheets

NachoDesk is your new favourite A.I. tool that converts read-only PDF Bank Statements into workable spreadsheet documents that can be imported into any accounting software.

It's not 1982..

Stop this data-entry madness!

Every month, super cool Accountants & Bookkeepers (like you 😎) are given a huge volume of Read-Only PDFs* from their clients...

*Such as Bank Statements, Vendor Statements, Loan Statements.

You're then left to figure out a way to manually convert that data into usable spreadsheets... Until now, Buck-o! 

Using A.I. robots, Nachodesk securely converts your Read-Only PDF Bank Statements into import-ready csv. files that can be fed into any accounting software solution.

Don't see your bank? No prob, we're adding banks all of the time! 
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A BookKeepers Dream

Stuck with Read-Only PDFs Because of Back Feed Problems?
Nacho problem, anymore!

We love credit unions and community banks, but most don't offer bank feeds that allow you to automatically import bank transactions into your preferred online accounting software. For accountants & bookkeepers, no banks feeds usually means having their clients send over read-only PDF bank statements so they can manually transcribe those statements into a workable spreadsheet during reconciliation... AKA, a freakin' nightmare of a workflow.

Or, at least it used be until your beautiful face found NachoDesk.  until your beautiful face found NachoDesk.

Wait, there's more?!

A dashboard drippin with cheese & organizational goodies!

After converting your PDF Bank Statements into .csv files, customize your NachoDesk and keep things organized!

Go crazy with bulk uploads

Have ten, twenty, or even a hundred bank statements you need to convert into csv.? We've got your back, friend!

Organize files into client folders

Automatically back up your files & keep your NachoDesk organized by sorting each bank statement into a designated client folder.

Invite team members to the party!

Have a team of bookkeepers (or accountants) helping you run the show? Create a seat for each of them at your NachoDesk!

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